Artur Pastor

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This is unquestionably true of the work of Portuguese photographer Artur Pastor whose art we used as inspiration from which to develop this project.

This unique undertaking is a direct response to the paradox of modern society. We have never had access to so much, but at the same time never been so far removed from nature and our own humanity.

We have lost touch with the simple yet fundamental things in life we used to cherish and hold sacred, among them is the inestimable value of a strong community.


The recorded history of rural Melides dates back to the sixteenth century when it was a small bustling community of fishermen and farmers, peacefully co-existing side-by-side. Yet the unwritten story of this charismatic location goes back much further. To the ancient megalithic settlers, the mysterious dolmen builders and the conquering Roman invaders. An area abundant in history spanning thousands of years. A treasure trove of archaeological, academic and cultural importance.

Remarkably, considering its long history, Melides is more alive than ever. Its rich history has imbued it with a perfect balance of past and present.

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